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Meat and Poultry Roasting Chart

Food safety, I am sure you hear or see these words often, what does it mean? We could probably discuss this topic at length and maybe we should, for now, I want to highlight the importance of cooking your meat or poultry well.

For the most part; Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Turkey must be well cooked. No part of the meat can be raw. On YouTube, you might come across videos that show people eating raw chicken – Don’t do it!

Oddly enough, Beef is the only type of meat that you can eat rare, medium-rare, medium or well-done, depending on your preference.

Here is a reference guide to help you. Use a thermometer, a simple meat thermometer will do, no batteries or a Smartphone required.

Red Meat, TypeOven °C/°F

Beef, rib roast, bone-in;
4 to 8 pounds
162 / 32523 to 30 min/lbMinimum Internal Temperature & Rest Time

145 °F and allow to rest for at least 3 minutes
Beef, rib roast, boneless;
4 pounds
162 / 32539 to 43 min/lb
Beef, eye round roast;
2 to 3 pounds
162 / 32520 to 22 min/lb
Beef, tenderloin roast, whole; 4 to 6 lbs218 / 42545 to 60 minutes total
Beef, tenderloin roast, half;
2 to 3 lbs
218 / 42535 to 45 minutes total

Turkey, whole;162 / 32530 min/lbTimes are for unstuffed poultry. Add 15 to 30 minutes for stuffed birds. The internal temperature should reach 165 °F in the center of the stuffing.

165 °F and check the internal temperature in the innermost part of the thigh, innermost part of the wing and the thickest part of the breast.
Chicken, whole; 4 to 8 pounds190 / 37520 to 30 min/lb
CAPON, whole; 4 to 8 pounds190 / 37520 to 30 min/lb
18 to 24 oz.
176 / 35050 to 60 minutes total
DUCK, domestic, whole190 / 37520 min/lb
DUCK, wild, whole176 / 35018 to 20 min/lb
GOOSE, domestic or wild, whole162 / 32520 to 25 min/lb
PHEASANT, young, whole,
2 pounds
176 / 35030 min/lb
QUAIL, whole218 / 42520 minutes total

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