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Our family's Glengarry Tradition, since 1975.

Nestled in the heart of Glengarry, our father Maurice Desautels bought a poultry farm in Green Valley, Ontario, in 1975. With a chicken quota in hand, our family started raising and selling chickens to processors in the Province of Quebec, to the tune of 125,000 chickens per year. 

In 1995, twenty years later, a chicken price war started between the Province of Ontario and Quebec. Wholesale costs for raising chickens were artificially depressed as the market was demanding lower prices. Our family had a few decisions to make if the business was to be sustainable. Thus Aliments Desautels Foods opened a meat processing plant on the farm. Our family started off with processing our chickens and selling them to distributors in Ottawa. With only one delivery truck, we focused on developing the meat processing side of our business. The type of meat our family processed using traditional butchering methods helped expand our territory, as specialty cuts and low minimum orders set our team apart.

In 2001, our family identified other areas of growth, and so we Federally Incorporated the business and became Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. Due to the proximity to the Province of Quebec; we had to be a federally inspected meat plant to sell our meat in that province. As a meat processing plant, we gained access to a vast territory, about 12% of Canada’s population lives in and around Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. As a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Canadian food inspected meat plant, we sell to distributors, wholesalers, grocery stores, restaurants, and other industries.

Every year we invested in the meat processing aspect of the business to grow. In 2005 Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. became an HACCP Accredited processing meat plant, listed with the Government of Canada’s Canadian Food Inspection Agency. A real game changer.  

In the years since our family focused on expanding not only our territory but our product mix too. Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. now offers more than 1000 products in our food distribution business. We carry most items you would find elsewhere, like a variety of cheeses, frozen foods, a full selection of Deli meats, just to name a few. Under our brand name Glengarry Tradition, we sell over 250 items in our line of meat products and specialty cuts.

Renée Desautels, author of Renée's Corner for Aliments Desautels Foods Inc.


Welcome to Renée’s corner, a feature on our site where we discuss food safety and handling in your kitchen, offer up some of our favourite recipes, and introduce you to new products that Desautels Foods carries.

The owners of Aliments Desautels Foods Inc.


Be inspired, learn how these three brothers work together to bring quality to your dinner table. The only Federally Inspected Meat Processing Plant in Eastern Ontario.

Aliments Desautels Foods offers more than 1000 products in our meat processing and food distribution business.


We prepare only the best Canada and the United States have to offer. Canada AA, Canada AAA, USDA Select and USDA Prime.


We select the finest Air Chilled Chicken, Turkey, and Pheasants for the ultimate in freshness and taste.


When it comes to quality and freshness, Canadian pork ranks at the top. Here at Desautels Foods, we process Pork from Ontario and Quebec.


Complete line of frozen fish
and seafood.

Here, we’re providing a glimpse of the types of Meat products we process at our facility and the Deli and Pantry items we sell to our clients.

For more information on any of our products call us directly at 1-888-825-4405.


At Aliments Desautels Foods we carry a wide-range of Deli Meats, Sausages, Hotdogs, Smoked Meats, and more.


Growing up, we always had fun discovering things in mom’s pantry. The smell of the spices, the type of bottles the oil came in, to the coffee and other ingredients. Here you will find what you need to bring back memories.


From our wide-variety of cheeses to the tiniest of eggs, we carry an assortment of culinary products to wet your appetite.

What sets Aliments Desautels Foods apart?


Traditional Butchering

Butchering is a lost art. Our family started by processing chickens in 1995, training a good number of our staff to butcher meat a certain way. We’re fortunate; employee turnover is very low, maybe the lowest statistic in the industry, something to be proud of. Our team of eighteen employees have been working together for a long time, making us efficient at what we do.

Federally Incorporated

Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. is a Federally Incorporated business, registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Establishment Number 554. As such, we meet and surpass federal regulations, are inspected on a regular basis, and barcode all of the meat we process at our plant for safety, traceability, and control to prevent product cross-contamination. Our families assurance of high-quality standards.


In a word, we have none! All of our meats are butchered traditionally, cut to order, processed and delivered the same day. No one can beat that level of freshness. We do have refrigerated and climate controlled stockrooms where we store items for the short term. Our product control mechanisms ensure a high turnover of inventory and freshness.

Here, we’re providing a glimpse of the types of Meat products Aliments Desautels Foods; Eastern Ontario's only Federally Incorporated Canadian Meat Processing plant, processes at our facility and the Deli and Pantry items we sell to our clients. For more information on any of our products call us directly at 1-888-825-4405.

HACCP Accredited

HACCP is an industry acronym meaning “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point,” referring to an adopted approach to food safety that is systematic and preventive. A global standard recommended by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the United Nations international standards organization for food safety. HACCP is the current standard for meat safety, established in Canada in 2005. For more information on HACCP, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Protecting the Environment

Today the environment is on the tip of everyone’s tongue; people are searching for alternatives. At Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. we’re farmers at heart, we use all the meat we process, there is no waste.

Quality and freshness is our Trademark!

In a simplified explanation, to prevent cross-contamination of meat; the items are separated and processed in different rooms. A corridor divides each section, so beef is prepared in one area, chicken in another.

Using beef as an example again, if a client requests meat that is Halal. The station is cleaned and disinfected before the specified meat is brought in for processing.

What does Halal mean?
Halal means permissible in Arabic and refers to foods that are prepared and processed according to Islamic law.

Aliments Desautels Foods Inc.

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