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One can say I am part of a new generation of youth to enter the meat processing business. Like my father and my uncles before me, just not on the farm. After elementary school finished for the week, I would help out at the plant on the weekends and during the summer months. I first started in the packaging area; “no one wanted me to touch the knives,” and I learned the various tasks involved.

In 2015, I started working at the processing plant full-time, mainly in packaging or “bagging.” I am responsible for filling a clients order, selecting the cuts, a final inspection for quality, weighing the meat, labelling it, pricing it, and then packaging the meat for shipping.

It’s a great business, a great career; it’s important to learn where our meat comes from and the safety mechanisms that are in place. Imagine while you’re at home, having to send a sample to a lab to test. Here, small amounts of meat are sent to a private lab to check for E-Coli on a regular basis – it’s safe.

The selection, preparation, cooking, and ultimately eating what we make, unifies each and every one of us. Enjoy!

I enjoy working with my family; we get along well. There is a lot of respect here. The employees who work here, have been here for over fifteen years, they enjoy their jobs, and it shows, we make an excellent team.

When someone is not available, calls in sick, or is unable to work, I can fill in. From loading the boxes onto the trucks, processing the chicken or filling an order for specialty cut beef for our Inuit clients. Everyone here knows the whole process; it’s one of our competitive advantages.

If someone were to ask me if being a traditional butcher or working in a processing plant was a good career choice, I’d say yes.  It’s a good business, recession-proof, and there is a demand. Anyone can learn the trade.

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Dominic Desautels

Dominic Desautels

Let me introduce you to my uncle, Dominic Desautels, who is often out in the fields managing the crops or the birds. Here he will discuss and shed some light on the different aspects of farming.

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